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Rhinestone Earring Jewelry
What is a poorly cut gemstone? Date:2011-07-26
...[Read more]
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Different types of diamond proportioning Date:2011-07-25
The proportioning – especially the height of the crown in relation to the depth of the pavilion, and the width of the table facet in relation to the width of the stone – is what determines how much brilliance and fire the stone will have. Several formulas for correct proportioning have been developed for round diamonds....[Read more]
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Drop,Dangle,Stud,Hoop and Chandelier Earrings Jewelry wholesalers Date:2011-07-23
With our large stock of wholesale earrings, you can find a variety of beautiful and trendy merchandise to fill your store with. Whether you're looking for wholesale fashion or costume jewelry earrings, you're bound to find something that suits your clientele's tastes....[Read more]
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The pair were the various rhinestone jewelry cleansing and even putting in guidelines Date:2011-07-23
Typically the glitz and then allure of knickknack seems to have often persuaded gals toward individuals. Despite whatever manner it will be ¡§C necklaces, tahitian, precious metal bracelets, pebbles, or possibly rhinestones...[Read more]
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How to make judging the clarity of precious gemstones? Date:2011-07-21
Surface blemishes on rubies and sapphires – Scratches are straight or crooked lines scraped on a stone. Since they can be polished away, they don’t have much of an effect on the clarity grade. Pits are tiny holes on the surface of a stone that often look like white dots. Nicks are flaws along the edges of a girdle or facet where bits of stone have broken away. Abrasions are rough, scraped areas usually along the facet edges of a stone....[Read more]
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The ideal Throughout Fashion Jewelry Pertaining to New Date:2011-07-20
The concept of fashion is actually ever-changing and additionally ever-evolving. It often trials the edge, growing by simply extreme measures in a single season. Utilizing each and every year, trend grows more edgy, a great deal more resourceful and many more fun. Together with the exact does work meant for Fashion Jewelry as well...[Read more]
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Flower Cubic Zirconia Earrings - A modern Personal preference Seems Date:2011-07-20
Blooming layout Cubic Zirconia earrings currently have got more popular then ever. For that reason, tips on how to identify the best quality choices to correspond with you together with consider some of the best versions to generally be reviewing?...[Read more]
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