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Rhinestone Earring Jewelry
Examine the ruby stones Date:2011-06-13
The most important thing about this precious stone - ruby is its color. It was derived from the Latin word 'rubens', meaning 'red'. The red of the ruby is incomparable: warm and passion. Two magical elements are associated with the symbolism of this color: it’s fire and blood, implying warmth and life for mankind...[Read more]
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Excavating the ruts of fashion jewelry Date:2011-06-12
It’s the story continued with ‘A diva sense of outlook with charm jewelry.’ Being in a fashion rut is a lot like being in a bad relationship. Before we find our way out of one, we often spend years feeling stuck, going through the motions while never feeling satisfied or happy. We ignore our needs and make ourself small enough to fit into a tight box,...[Read more]
Writer:luofusheng  Categories:Rhinestone Earring Jewelry  Tags:fashion jewelry
Diva match looks with jewelry Date:2011-06-12
I live in United States of America for years, I was a successful entrepreneur, but my life changed dramatically with the death of my husband. It’s been two and a half years now, and I’m trying to find my place again. My two daughters both got married this year, its four months apart...[Read more]
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Enthusiastic Golden Chandelier Earrings Look Young But Not Frivolous Date:2011-06-11
The chandelier earrings, encompassing with fresh, fair lady, elegant, noble, personality, outstanding style, are able to satisfy your various style, to represent your unique personality, showing the difference in you, catching all the attentions of girls...[Read more]
Writer:luofusheng  Categories:Rhinestone Earring Jewelry  Tags:Chandelier Earrings
The Rhinestones Jewelry Is Popular Jewelry Date:2011-06-11
he originally rhinestones were a form of crystal rock gathered from the river Rhine. The availability was greatly increased since the invention of a good idea to imitate diamonds by coating the lower side of glass with metal powder. Hence, rhinestones are called Strass in many European languages. Rhinestones may be used as imitations of diamonds, and some manufacturers even manage a technique to reproduce the glistening effect as real diamonds have in the sun. By using the method of a thin, vacu...[Read more]
Writer:luofusheng  Categories:Rhinestone Earring Jewelry  Tags:Jewelry
Gold Jewelry Is Not Only A Fashion Accessory But Also An Investment Date:2011-06-10
Gold has been widely used throughout the world as a monetary exchange for centuries, the gold coins or other substances through gold-convertible paper instruments by establishing gold standards in which the total value is represented in a store of gold reserves....[Read more]
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Chandelier Earrings Enhance Your Beauty Date:2011-06-10
I will share my match experience below. The chandelier earrings with their unique charm are the perfect ornament to enhance her beauty. ...[Read more]
Writer:luofusheng  Categories:Rhinestone Earring Jewelry  Tags:chandelier earrings
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