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Cubic Zircon Jewelry
The 4C’s of diamonds – Clarity, Color, Cut & Carat Size Date:2011-06-17
Diamonds have been prized through the ages for their beauty and rarity. How beautiful, and how rare, they are is determined by the Four C’s. So let’s define them. ...[Read more]
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Some interesting figures of the carat weight of diamond Date:2011-06-17
Diamond weights are also referred to in points. One carat equals 100 points, so a 75-point diamond would weigh 3/4 of one carat. (It’s not a diamond with 75 points on it, as some people think!) If you’re looking at two diamonds of the same shape and quality...[Read more]
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How to buy a diamond from a diamond wholesale? Date:2011-06-17
Buying a diamond may be one of the most important purchases of your life. Think of it. If you are a man, you’re probably selecting a diamond to present to your bride-to-be as a shining symbol of eternal love. Only a diamond can say it all: your love for her is clear, pure, brilliant, perfect, and indestructible...[Read more]
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The Blue Crystal Earrings As Lovely As The Elf Date:2011-06-17
The pure blue usually makes each person think about the ocean, the sky, the water, and the universe. The pure blue is representing a kind of beauty and fairness, calm and steadiness, wise and intelligent, serene and amplitude. The color of blue is the symbol of the ocean, representing the lady's mature and composed. The person who likes the color of blue...[Read more]
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The perfect best quality of cubic zirconia jewelry Date:2011-06-16
The dazzling and eye-catching brilliant from the perfect cubic zircon, the high quality of cubic zircon brought out with beauty close visual likeness to diamond brilliance. The best facet cubic zirconia jewelry brings glory charm and stirring. The fine workmanship, beautiful modification, perfect curving, changeable pattern of a larger size of zircon is expressing as an important attribute of a would-be diamond stimulant and unique charm....[Read more]
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The price judgment of ruby and sapphire Date:2011-06-16
There are cases, however, where round stones may cost a lot less than an oval because there may not be a demand for them. According to one corundum dealer, if he had a large, oval Burmese ruby, he could ask twice as much for it as for a round one because it would be easier to find a buyer for the oval stone....[Read more]
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Curios history about ruby and sapphire Date:2011-06-14
We are not only royal gems, we are sacred as well. In the Catholic Church, sapphires have been used in the rings of bishops and cardinals. Our blue color symbolizes heaven, and supposedly, people who wear us become more virtuous, devout, and wise....[Read more]
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