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Cubic Zircon Jewelry
The Fake Grade of diamonds Date:2011-06-24
Diamonds come in virtually all colors of the rainbow, from the “beautiful violet” of the Hope diamond to shades of blue, brown, gray, orange, tec. But colored diamonds are very rare and precious. Chances are...[Read more]
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The clarity and grades of diamond Date:2011-06-24
The clarity of a diamond depends on how clear or clean it is – how free it is of blemishes and inclusions, when viewed with the naked eye and with a 10X loupe, or magnifier. Let’s define our terms....[Read more]
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Knowledge About The History Of Diamond Jewelry Date:2011-06-23
The diamond is the most valuable stone in each woman’s heart. It is the hardest natural mineral in the world. It has the extraordinary qualities. Diamond is dominating all the women’s heart throughout the world because of its beauty and value. India is the first place that the diamond is mined. ...[Read more]
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How to Spot Clarity Grades of diamonds Date:2011-06-23
Diamonds can get abrasions or even chipped through normal wear and tear, some people find this hard to believe. They say that since a diamond is the hardest thing in the world that must mean it’s very tough and cannot be damaged...[Read more]
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Choose The Right Pearl Necklace For Yourself Date:2011-06-22
When we talk about the rhinestone jewelry, we will think about the pearl rhinestone, which is indispensable jewelry for many women. No matter for the mature women or the young girl, no matter matching with the casual clothes or the elegant evening dressing...[Read more]
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What a loupe can tell you your jewelry Date:2011-06-22
With practice and experience, a loupe can tell even the amateur a great deal. For a gemologist it can help determine whether the stone is natural, synthetic, glass, or a doublet (a composite stone), and reveal characteristic flaws...[Read more]
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The history of a famous diamond - the Hope Diamond Date:2011-06-17
One of the most famous diamonds in history, the Hope diamond, came from India and weighed 112 3/16 carats when it was acquired around 1642 by French merchant Jean Baptiste Tavernier, who was struck by its “beautiful violet” color. He sold it to the King of France, Louis XIV, who had it re-cut to a 67 1/8 carat stone which royal inventories thereafter listed as the Blue Diamond of the Crown of France...[Read more]
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