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Cubic Zircon Jewelry
What Are The Skill Of Wearing The Fashion Jewelry Date:2011-07-02
The gold jewelry can combine the any one color of red, white, and black. The combination with the red series creates the warm atmosphere, which is the prior choice for the young and optimistic women. It is recommended especially in all kinds of festive occasions. The combination with the black series creates the mysterious and elegant style...[Read more]
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Guidelines And Suggestions On How To Wear Necklace Date:2011-07-01
There are many kinds of necklace. The modeling is rich. It is one of the strongest decorations. Wearing each kind of necklace properly can be effetely rising the strengths and modifying the weaknesses. Therefore...[Read more]
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The rhinestone is a similar form of diamond material Date:2011-06-30
The brilliant glistening and glamour of jewelry has always tempted women towards them. Regardless of what kind it is, the diamond jewelry, pearls, gold jewelry, precious gems, or rhinestones, all ladies love the sparkle and dazzle of jewelry....[Read more]
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National origin of bead jewelry industry Date:2011-06-29
Before The Second World War, there is a thriving bead industry centered in Eastern Europe, particularly in Czechoslovakia, that was then referred to as Bohemia, although Germany, Italia and France were also noted producers of glass beads...[Read more]
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A Guide To Choosing Charm Bangle Date:2011-06-28
Nowadays, charm bangles for most women maybe are a great gift idea. Even women who tend not to wear jewelry daily are going to be able to appreciate the simple fact that they can purchase charms to fit their own personal style....[Read more]
Writer:luofusheng  Categories:Cubic Zircon Jewelry  Tags:Bangle
The magic of diamonds in history Date:2011-06-28
The diamond has been one of the most covered gems in history. Uncut diamonds adorned the crowns of kings and queens throughout the ages. Today the diamond is internationally recognized as a symbol of love and betrothal and is the recipient of increasing interest as a source for investment....[Read more]
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Grading color in rubies versus diamonds Date:2011-06-27
Grading color in rubies would be much easier if a scale of 23 letter grades could adequately describe their color differences. Diamond color is graded with a scale like this extending from D to Z. The jewelry trade...[Read more]
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