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Cubic Zircon Jewelry
The synthetic plastics jewelry Date:2011-06-13
Throughout history man has taken creative license in finding and using the raw materials of his environment. Early civilizations employed seashells for barter and adornment and relied on pigments from plants and insects to color textiles and paint on walls. Eggs have long served as a base for tempera. Fast-forward to the twentieth century, and we find artists like damain hirst, who uses formaldehyde in his work...[Read more]
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A Story of Antique Jewelry Date:2011-06-11
Adjust your eye. What may look like cuffs here are actually rings-nice, big rose gold and pave diamond knuckle-dusters. And they were meant to be considered that way: Ralph Lauren had the bracelet shape in mind when he designed these sparklers for his first fine jewelry collection...[Read more]
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The Ruby Heart Shape Earrings Are Never Out Fashion. Date:2011-06-07
The ruby heart shape earrings become very hot item jewelry recently. There are many people are looking for ruby heart shape erring to make the perfect gift. Ruby is often a favorite color of a lot of young ladies and women. You will find this color in numerous items of their clothing so that means these earrings will match numerous outfits and can be put on often. Do you know why heart shaped earrings in ruby are fantastic gift today?...[Read more]
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Diamond Jewelry Is The Most Faithful Love Token Date:2011-06-07
I, from Austria, he required Maximilian I to bring his daughter a diamond ring for the engagement day. His enthusiastic to diamonds that make the Duke believe diamonds was the best promise of love to her daughter, and therefore the world's first diamond ring was born, thus it became an irreplaceable and dream precious keepsake for women in the world. ...[Read more]
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Jewelry Accessory Can Be dramatic and Fun Date:2011-06-06
Until this year, I never had earrings that moved. I only wore studs. The sexier earring makes me more approachable. When I use to wear my matching twin set and my pearl stud earrings matching pearl bracelet and necklace it pretty much said I’m not approachable...[Read more]
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The Other Way to Wear Diamond Earrings Date:2011-06-06
Diamond earrings whether clip on or pierces are easily fixed, so "change" is also a great opportunity. Everyone will wear earrings, however how to wear the dazzle color earrings it is not difficulty, it just requires more a clever idea....[Read more]
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A Beautiful Brooch’s Story Date:2011-06-04
A brooch also known as fibula in ancient times is a decorative jewelry item designed to be attached to garments. It is usually made of metal, often silver or gold but sometimes bronze or some other material...[Read more]
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