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Key steps in examining a gemstone Date:2011-06-22
Throughout history, gemstones have been a much sought-after commodity. Their beauty, rarity, and inherent “magical powers” have made them the symbol of kings, the symbol of power, the symbol of wealth, and in more recent history, the symbol of love. Every civilization, every society, grandly exhibits mankind’s fascination with and desire to posses these beautiful gifts of nature....[Read more]
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Wholesale Feather Earrings Highlight The Beauty Of Nature Date:2011-06-17
The feather earrings are one kind of costume jewelry. They catch people's eyes because of their slender appearance and various colors. They are perfectly matching the girls' long skirts in the spring and summer. Since we are used to having the rhinestone jewelry...[Read more]
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Factors determine the pricing of ruby and sapphire Date:2011-06-16
Since the color, clarity, and brilliance play a greater role in determining the price of ruby or sapphire than shape and cutting style. Nevertheless, these two factors can affect the value of these stones. The way they affect it is described below....[Read more]
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Knowledges about ruby and sapphire Date:2011-06-14
When we are as big as the “Black Star of Queensland,” we may be impractical to wear as jewelry, so sometimes we’re carved into attractive figurines. A select few of us are sculpture of famous people like Confucius, George Washington, and Dr. Marin Luther King. Confucius was carved from a multi-colored sapphire in such a way that his head is white...[Read more]
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Gemstone terms defined, part one Date:2011-06-14
Before you can thoroughly understand a discussion of shapes and cutting styles, some terminology must be explained. A few basic terms are described below and illustrated....[Read more]
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How to diva plans an outfit with jewelry Date:2011-06-13
As you’re receiving your plans for your date outfits, I want to be sure you’ve covered a really important point: How are you bringing attention to your face? I want every one to enjoy your outfits, but their eyes should land on your whole. Check the list below and be sure at least three items on the list are true of each of your outfits (including make up, jewelry and hair). I want to see you, my diva!...[Read more]
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Learn More About Costume Jewelry Date:2011-06-12
Costume Jewelry is a kind of personal adornment, manifesting itself as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Costume jewelry may be made from any sort of material, and usually gemstones, non precious metals...[Read more]
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