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Jadeite Jewelry Leading The Old Style Trend For Wedding Date:2011-06-28
The unique and elegant charm released from the classical Chinese women discloses the history spirit of the Chinese culture. The beautiful woman is peaceful like the water. The jade is clear like the tear-drop....[Read more]
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Dazzling glorious earrings of Swarovski Crystal Date:2011-06-28
they can create the masterpiece combined with the beauty and exquisite craft. The main elements of Swarovski always carry forward the traditional concept, which is, the top designers in the fashion and jewelry industry and the junior designers cooperate, winning more reputations from the designers. ...[Read more]
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How to know if a gemstone is well cut? Date:2011-06-27
The shape of the stone may affect the personality it displays, but it is overall cutting that releases its full beauty. A term used by professional to describe the overall quality of the cutting is making. Having a good make is especially important in diamonds. A diamond with an excellent make will sell for much more than one with a fair make....[Read more]
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How to Spot Clarity Grades of diamonds Date:2011-06-27
Note: All plotting that follow show what inclusions and blemishes look like in the different clarity grades when viewed under 10X magnification....[Read more]
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Guidelines And Suggestions On How To Wear Necklace Date:2011-06-26
There are many kinds of necklace. The modeling is rich. It is one of the strongest decorations. Wearing each kind of necklace properly can be effetely rising the strengths and modifying the weaknesses. Therefore, wearing the necklace must have some skills. The wearing details can not be ignored. ...[Read more]
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The development history and characteristics of costume jewelry Date:2011-06-25
Costume jewelry sometimes also known as fashionable accessory and is manufactured as costume particularly garment fashion. It was came into cheap or disposable accessory and meant to be worn in a specific outfit in early 20th century...[Read more]
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Looking for a gemstone that’s a “Cut Above” Date:2011-06-22
One of the most important things to learn is how to look at a gem, even if you won’t see all that a gemologist will. Let’s begin by making sure you understand the terms you will be hearing and using to describe what you want – especially terms pertaining to the stone’s “cut” and the names for the parts of a cut stone....[Read more]
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