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Using Elastic Cords For Jewelry Is Another Chooses Date:2011-04-28
You can enjoy the beauty which is brought by the Necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Apart from using alloy, using elastic cords for jewelry is another chooses. ...[Read more]
Writer:luofusheng  Categories:Wholesale Bead Jewelry  Tags:Jewelry
Advantage of Online Jewelry Wholesale Date:2011-04-26
Online jewelry wholesale is increasingly becoming popular and more and more consumers are considering this viable option of jewelry shopping. After all, a woman can never dissociate herself with any form of adornment...[Read more]
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Talking about the Body Piercing Jewelry Date:2011-04-26
Today, the belly ring is one of the most common and popular body piercings, its popular culture has played an important role in the jewelry accessory. The navel piercing was first showed as a fashion and hit the mainstream in a London fashion show in 1993 and becoming very popular from the age 12-15 and some getting it as young as 10. Wearing a belly ring is on longer only a sex symbol but also people are like to wearing it goes to the beach. ...[Read more]
Writer:luofusheng  Categories:Wholesale Bead Jewelry  Tags:Piercing Jewelry
How to Wear Hoop Jewelry Earrings Date:2011-04-25
The hoop jewelry earrings can be called classic. They lead fashion trend for decades. Meanwhile, even today the hoop jewelry earrings are still popular. There are many style of this earrings that dangle from the ears....[Read more]
Writer:luofusheng  Categories:Wholesale Bead Jewelry  Tags:Earrings
Glittering Gilt Anklets Date:2011-04-25
Anklets are part of traditional Indian jewelry. In India, Anklets is apart from being a beautiful ornament also considered extremely auspicious. In most parts of the country, it is mandatory for a bride to wear anklets...[Read more]
Writer:luofusheng  Categories:Wholesale Bead Jewelry  Tags:
Beads Jewelry leading fashion trend Date:2011-04-25
If there is one thing that women love the most, it is jewelry. No woman will deny this fact. There are loads of attractive designs and style available and sometime selecting the best piece can be difficult....[Read more]
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Development History of Body Piercing Jewelry Date:2011-04-21
The encountered of the body piercing was mentioned since Babylon era whereas origin in Egypt that only from a minority of people could get body piercing in varies with different cultures...[Read more]
Writer:luofusheng  Categories:Wholesale Bead Jewelry  Tags:Body Piercing Jewelry
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