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Rhinestone silver-plating Quadrangular shape mesh earring
Rhinestone silver-plating Quadrangular shape mesh earring

Rhinestone silver-plating Quadrangular shape mesh earring

Item#:EAR22041S Specifications:
Color of Plating: Silver
Weight: 11gms
Length: 40mm
Materials: Rhinestone, Alloy Size: Color: Quantity:
Item Description
Tags:Mesh Earring

Matching method of long mesh earring:
1. Lovable style: The earring is not only a kind of image decoration, moreover it can manifest the character's individuality, lovable pattern earrings are rich in colors, and diverse modeling, animals and cartoon image modeling are mostly preferred.
2. Mature style: Silver nature is quite popular, modeling is simple and elegant, using the material of crystal, rhinestone for embellishment, a great variety and romantic incomparable look.
3. Classical style: Gypsy's-like exaggeration tassels, formed with rich color as well as the unique modeling, mostly takes the golden and bronze as its primarily colors, matches with some rubies, obsidians etc, nobly elegant.

Complex colors:
1. Accommodates according to the makeup: Should be able to choose the color closer to the eye shadow color and eye draws.
2. According to skin color: The dim skin color is not suitable to wears the bright colored earring, it may choose the earring in copper color; the skin in light and white color may wear the red earring, serves as the contrast of the skin color brilliance.
3. According to clothing color: Earring's color and quality of material should coordinate with the clothing color, the same matching color may have the harmonious esthetic sense, it is certainly if the color contrast can appropriate matching, it may appears someone’s dynamic and charming.

Rhinestone silver-plating Quadrangular shape mesh earring

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