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Rhinestone silver-plating mesh earring
Rhinestone silver-plating mesh earring

Rhinestone silver-plating mesh earring

Item#:EAR22033S Specifications:
Color of Plating: Silver
Weight: 10gms
Length: 40mm
Materials: Rhinestone, Alloy Size: Color: Quantity:
Item Description
Tags:Mesh Earring

Different facial features will match different earring a more beautiful nature by oneself, how be matched to suit your own earring?
The gives you some small suggestions:
1.Big facial cast: Not suitable to wear with the round earring, it is the best to wear the biggish earring or the triangular and water-drop shape earring, to reduce the cheeks' broad feeling. 2.Circular face: May set off the long shape earring and pendant mesh earring, to mold a high and low extension visual effect, looks like to be more matured and pretty.
3.Oval circular face: An oval face, a tradition standard Eastern woman’s face shape, any shape of earring is going to be good, but you must pay attention regarding to the size of earring should probably matching with her own self as a whole. The oval face outline is quite gentle, therefore the similar outline shape of earring, like the pearl, the water-drop shape, the circle shape or the oval earring is the best choices.
4.Square features: It is suitable to select the ellipse, the flower shape, the heart-shaped earring, may help out to form a beautification face well.
5.Long face: A circular earring cling against the ears is a best selection in order to reduce the longitudinal feel.
6.Heart-shaped face: A quite sharper chin facial features may choose the kind of lower extremity width and upper extreme narrow earring in order to balance the feeling of pointed chin, the water-drop shape, triangular or the ear nail is very suitable.

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