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Rhinestone Jeweled Scorpion Belly Ring
Rhinestone Jeweled Scorpion Belly Ring

Rhinestone Jeweled Scorpion Belly Ring

Item#:PIN22048S Specifications:
Top Ball: 5mm
Bottom Ball: 8mm
Gauge: 1.6mm
Length: 11mm
Color Plated: Silver
Weight: 5gms
Materials: Rhinestone, Alloy, Stainless Steel Size: Color: Quantity:
Item Description

A story record my memory when I see such a lively scorpion-shaped belly ring, According to 5000 years ago, the God of Evil was jealousy in the Egyptian special magical, fertile land, and incarnated as a centipede came to the world, blocked the river Nile with magic, making the the land dried up and made the people got the hard times. The people of Egypt came up with a variety of ways to fight with the centipede, but it was finally failed. Finally they had to resort to the scorpion Goddess Le Kaite. In order to save the human beings, Le kaite delegated his son a mission to embody as Scorpion of King, led the Eagle to had a special duel with the Evil. After forty-nine days of duel, the Scorpion of King defeated the centipede in essence and the Egyptian people back to life again. But the Scorpion of King was physical exertion and was no longer to got back his original real body and became a ever looked Scorpion King.

The Egyptian were appreciated his righteous deed and crowned him as the first monarch of Egypt. When the Scorpion King died, in order to remember his credit, all the people of the whole country built the pyramids to bury the remains. More to the scorpion as a totem of civil deportation dark and evil forces, and are still in use, it is said to be very effective.

The provided these rhinestones silver plating Scorpion Belly Ring design is sophisticated, fine workmanship and living likeness. It is a very good jewelry belly ring.
Rhinestone Jeweled Scorpion Belly Ring

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